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145 Martinvale Lane
San Jose, CA, 95119
United States

(408) 972-2020

Primera Baptist is a Southern Baptist Church located in the heart of South San Jose. We are a community that welcomes all. We recognize the authority of God’s Word, and strive to serve consistently with what it teaches–loving God and fellow man and woman as Jesus teaches.

Good morning

From Pastor Richard

Good morning

Pastor Richard Vera

How I miss you but also how blessed I am to be here. This morning I will preach at two Underground Churches.  So excited!  We have seen many saved, one young lady delivered from Satanic oppression, and many encouraged with the everlasting Word.

Again, as you read this note from your Pastor, I find myself on the other side of this planet, this time in Hanoi North, Vietnam. Its 14 hours ahead. So while you’re worshipping I’m most likely resting my body.  

Just a few years back the Communist took over Vietnam. Church building were destroyed but the good news is that the church  of Jesus Christ could never been destroyed.

Today we Welcome Rico and Amaris Guerrero. This precious young man was gracious enough to accept our invitation to preach in my absence. Rico works for the Fresno Unified School and Amaris for the CSBC. Both are leading the Youth Ministry of the Annadale Baptist Church, Sanger, CA. And in addition Rico is our Son-in-life.  Amaris is our daughter. How exciting to see them both serving our great God.  Thank you Rico, my loved son-in-law. Preach the Word.

Things are still challenging in our world so please continue praying about everything.  Also, don’t forget that you are a citizen of heaven.

Pastor Hernandez and I want and need your help. Let’s tell our city what Jesus can do. Invite one. Invite all.   

Pastor Richard