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Primera Baptist is a Southern Baptist Church located in the heart of South San Jose. We are a community that welcomes all. We recognize the authority of God’s Word, and strive to serve consistently with what it teaches–loving God and fellow man and woman as Jesus teaches.


From Pastor Richard

Happy Fourth Sunday of 2018

Justin Von Konsky

Are you still smiling?
IT HAS BEEN A GOOD MONTH – On this, the last Sunday of January, I
can honestly say that it’s been a good month. Thank you saints for your loving
kindness demonstrated in various ways.

February is Friend Month – The best thing we can do for others is to be a
friend… you will be a great friend if you tell them about Jesus. You will be
an encouraging friend if you invite them to church to come hear about Jesus.

Bring A Friend – Would you prayerfully consider teaming up with me?
Let’s bring a friend to Church one of the Sundays in February. It will help
them spiritually, it will help us numerically. Each One Bring One.

Seven plus Seven – 7 plus 7 With the hopes of taking the gospel beyond
us’ we are putting forth another effort which should serve as a good venue of
outreach. Join us as we pray for God to open up Seven Homes and also raise
up Seven Bible Ministry Leaders. Some of you have the gift of hospitality.Would you like to host a Bible Home Group? Others have the gift of teaching.
Would you pray about leading a Bible Study in one of these homes?

70 Baptisms – Why not let it be now? Our Church will be celebrating it’s 70th Anniversary in April. Our leadership met and we agreed to give the Lord of the Church a gift…70 saints obeying Jesus in water baptism. So let’s all get busy in our Father’s work. Share your faith with others. Encourage those who have or will trust Christ to be Baptized. Talk to your students, family and friends. Let all be of one mind and spirit and help make this year a glorious one. By the way, I once read that if you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.

So we are aiming at 70. By His grace we’ll hit the mark and more. Today we welcome new Members to our church Family. Our God is a faithful God and He continues to grow His Church and provide workers for His harvest field. This are exciting days Excited to preach His Word today.

New Year 2018

Justin Von Konsky

From Pastor Richard:
– A new year to pray, plan, pray and believe God will allow
us to take the Good News ‘beyond’ us. Yes, our city needs Jesus. And yes, our
churches need Revival, Renewal and Restoration. So let’s do.
Our Sunday: Today we will be challenged to put a check on our priorities,
our perspectives and yes to think ‘beyond us’. It is my prayer that you will be
encouraged and all of us would minister as a team… that together purpose…
(1) to take the gospel to others;
(2) to commit to continue growing in faith;
(3) that you would learn to fight the good fight of faith;
(4) that you would learn to take every thought captive to the obedience of
Jesus Christ.
(5) That you would make it your aim to please (not appease) the Lord in all
things (2 Corinthians 5:9).
Important! Important! Important!
The Bible says: “All the things you pray and ask for—believe that
you have received them, and you will have them” (Mark 11:24) 
That means, when we pray, we should expect God to answer.
 You may say, “I believe God can do it!” But that’s not faith;
that’s just a fact. God can do it whether you believe it or not.
 You may say, “I believe God might do it” is not faith either.
That’s hope.
 But if you say, “I believe God will do it”—that’s faith!
Jesus taught that prayer is the key to a remarkable life because prayer
connects us to God’s power.
So together let’s make 2018 a remarkable year by praying
persistently, passionately, and expectantly.

Today is the day...

Pastor Richard Vera

For our thanksgiving celebration. It’s exciting. Exhilarating. Biblical. Spiritual. It’s Christ-like.  It is about Great Commission living… about the Great Commandment demonstrated, His love being shown through us. And I am expecting a Hallelujah time as we gladly welcome our guest and feast with them.  I’m more excited that all will be hearing about Him who can satisfy their spiritual hunger… the bread of life, JESUS!  

Grateful? Yes, big time! I thank my God for His unconditional love, His undeserved grace, His indescribable mercy and that He chooses to use us to spread his ‘aroma of love’ to those around us?! God is good.

You are loved… This is where I transition to you and say ‘thank you’ for your support, your cooperation and your love for Him and us.  The Holy Spirit works powerfully where there is UNITY. God sends us individuals where LOVE abides. Happy people are contagious people. Let’s expect and believe lives will be touched with His love and power.

In today’s message we will address three keys to a happy thanksgiving. Looking at Philippians 4:10-20 we find the Apostle Paul telling us about: 

Contentment… ‘I have learned to be content’. Have you?

Confidence… ‘I can do all things’ and ‘My God will supply all my needs’… Sounds like he is a very confident brother. Are you? 

Commitment… this is love in action! 

The commitment of others encouraged Paul. “you did well by sharing with me in my hardship” (4:14) “you sent gifts for my need several times” (4:16).

Commitment pleases God. “the gifts you sent… they are a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice, pleasing to God’ (4:18). That’s good.  

Commitment advances God’s cause. “I want you to know that what has happened to me has really served to advance the gospel” (1:12). Great!

I’m grateful. Are you? 

Tonight… be ready to serve, to take care of our guests, to show them we are glad they are with us.  

“I thank my God every time I remember you” Philippians 1:3

It is great to be back! 

Justin Von Konsky

I returned from Cambodia and Vietnam on Monday at 8:50 PM, grateful for what He did but very excited to be with my church family.  Please know that both Noemi and I are ever so grateful for so many of you who prayed for us while I was on this very important mission trip.  You continue to show your love for Christ and us.  I can truly say that I am proud to be your pastor.  And today I am ready to Preach His Word. 

The Church in Vietnam is so much like the Church in the Book of Acts.  Many coming to Jesus Christ, much power, much grace, wonderful miraculous works of God in spite of so much satanic opposition.  I am praying that the Holy Spirit will generate a spirit of Revival and Restoration in our family, church and land.

My prayer for us is expressed by Paul as he tells us to “Be careful, then, how you live - not as unwise but as wise,” (Ephesians 5:15).  This is critical since we are to ‘live a life worthy of the calling’ (4:1); ‘be imitators of God (5:1); ‘live as children of light’ (5:8); ‘making the most of every opportunity’ (5:16) and ‘understand what the Lord’s will is’ (5:17).

On another note… Thank you for listening and encouraging two young preachers as they preached in my absence.  Both Matthew Silvestre from Salinas and Rico Guerrero from Fresno (my son in law) felt so very blessed to be with you.

I’ve included some quotes from some men of God in  this bulletin.  Read.  Pray.  Think.  Imagine with me how it could and would be if indeed our church was made up of members filled with/controlled by the Holy Spirit *Ephesians 4 and 5.

Pastor Richard

A.W. Tozer made a pronouncement 50 years ago:

If the Holy Spirit was withdrawn from the church today, 95 percent of what we do would go on and no one would know the difference.  If the Holy Spirit had been withdrawn from the NT church (in Acts), 95 percent of what they did would stop, and everybody would know the difference.
— A.W. Tozer
God put His Spirit in us so we could be known for our power.  Sadly, most believers and churches are known for talent and intellect rather than supernatural power.  What’s worse is that we’re okay with it…I’m willing to bet there are millions of churchgoers across America who cannot confidently say they have experienced His presence or action in their lives over the pat year.  And many of them do not believe they can.  (Forgotten God - Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit)
— Francis Chan
We are seeing much today of service without the Spirit.  It is not what is done for God that counts, but rather what is done by Him.

God’s work must be done by God’s people God’s way.
Too many of us today are shaky about what we believe but not shaken by what we believe!
— Vance Havner

    Good morning

    Pastor Richard Vera

    How I miss you but also how blessed I am to be here. This morning I will preach at two Underground Churches.  So excited!  We have seen many saved, one young lady delivered from Satanic oppression, and many encouraged with the everlasting Word.

    Again, as you read this note from your Pastor, I find myself on the other side of this planet, this time in Hanoi North, Vietnam. Its 14 hours ahead. So while you’re worshipping I’m most likely resting my body.  

    Just a few years back the Communist took over Vietnam. Church building were destroyed but the good news is that the church  of Jesus Christ could never been destroyed.

    Today we Welcome Rico and Amaris Guerrero. This precious young man was gracious enough to accept our invitation to preach in my absence. Rico works for the Fresno Unified School and Amaris for the CSBC. Both are leading the Youth Ministry of the Annadale Baptist Church, Sanger, CA. And in addition Rico is our Son-in-life.  Amaris is our daughter. How exciting to see them both serving our great God.  Thank you Rico, my loved son-in-law. Preach the Word.

    Things are still challenging in our world so please continue praying about everything.  Also, don’t forget that you are a citizen of heaven.

    Pastor Hernandez and I want and need your help. Let’s tell our city what Jesus can do. Invite one. Invite all.   

    Pastor Richard

    Greetings from your Pastor in Hanoi Vietnam

    Pastor Richard Vera


    Tonight, as you meet, please know that I have prayed for you, that I love you as a dear people of God and that I am ever so grateful to be your pastor and to represent you in this part of the world. 

    It is 8:10 am Thursday morning and we're waiting for our transportation. Today I will share His powerful Word at a Center of Rehabilitation; this is a place where those brought to faith in Jesus and delivered from drug addiction are being equipped for ministry (Ephesians 4:12-16).

    I was at this very same place two years ago. It is overwhelming to see the joy and eagerness in them as they yearn to learn about Him and to have the power to deliver them. How privileged I am to encourage these precious souls with the Word of God. 

    I have prayed for my precious Help meet, my Noemi as she shares His Word with you tonight. Go for it Noemi. His word speaks life, health, strength, it purges, it purifies, it is powerful (Romans 1:16). I did not send this note to you on purpose so you wouldn't have to read it. Love you. 

    Have to go but know that I love all of you. Yes, all of you. Smile!

    Pastor Richard

    It has been an interesting Marathon...

    Pastor Richard Vera

    Besides long days, it is hot and humid—even at nighttime! It really is draining, but how glorious it is!

    I even had to cross a portion of the Mekong River in a boat that I thought was going to go under any minute—It didn't, Praise the Lord! 

    I have preached to 62 University Students learning English, as well as a Children's Message to over 80 kiddos. Many adults, children and youth have come to Christ. Please continue to pray for me...I am being granted many opportunities by the Father to minister His word.  

    Tomorrow we head to an orphanage then to Vietnam that afternoon. It is 10 PM, already packed so about to go to bed. 

    From Pastor Vera Abroad

    Pastor Richard Vera

    Good morning. As you read this note from your Pastor, I find myself on the other side of this planet – Vietnam and Cambodia. Its 14 hours ahead. So, while you’re worshipping the King of kings, I’m most likely resting my body; which is the "temple of the Holy Spirit…" That means I’m asleep.

    First, thank you for praying for me. I sense so much sponsorship from my God and you—the dear people God has called me to shepherd.  I am grateful to Him, that I am the Pastor of this great church. Second, I consider it such an honor that He would send me to preach and teach His word in these places—It’s humbling.

    Welcome Matthew and Anna Silvestre.  This young man was gracious enough to accept our invitation to preach in my absence. Both Matt and Anna have played a key role with California Youth and Single Adult Camps and Retreats.  Listen to God as you listen to Matt as he preaches His Word. Be blessed!

    Kids Club…The team has stepped forward. Thank you all! Praise God for His saints who have a big ‘YES’ stamped on their hearts, willing and yielded to serve. Some are working on rearranging their schedule with intentions of helping. The key word is "helping." Ministering helpers have a great opportunity to impact with their presence.

    Fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, and nation against nation... What is going on? What is happening? Why? These are perplexing questions many are asking, yes even believers. It’s OK to wonder, but be careful not to get mad at God like the unbelievers.  How ironic.  They have no room for God and yet are quick to blame God for the stuff they don’t like.  Hmmm? This is a bit on the hypocritical side, wouldn’t you say? On the same note, don't you as a believer forget the Biblical predictions addressed by Jesus Himself (See Mark 13:3-8).  “All these are the beginning of sorrows” (Matthew 13:14).      


    And yes, one last thing: “This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14). That’s what I’m doing in Vietnam and Cambodia. I’m investing in the lives of pastors, evangelists, teachers, missionaries, and Youth Pastors so that they may more effectively with sound doctrine PREACH THE WORD to all nations (2 Timothy 4:2).

    Pastor Hernandez and I want and need your help. Let’s tell our city what Jesus can do. Invite one. Invite all.   

    Can you believe it? I'm not there and I’m still preaching. Smile! And Amen! And praise the Lord while you’re at it.

    Again, greetings from the other side of the planet. I love you!

    Pastor Richard